Native Leaves originates from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Started with 2 guys in high school making music for fun & realized their sound needed to be heard by the masses. Those 2 are singer Logan Kartchner & guitarist/engineer Adam Ashby. Logan grew up loving R&B and hip hop music. He performed in classes growing up with the aspiration to become a singer. While Adam went through phases of all types of music but found what he wanted to do once getting into alternative hip hop & reggae music! This blend of inspirations contributed to their sound together as Native Leaves. As Adam went to college for audio engineering, he met multiple of the members you see in the band early on. Native Leaves is a brand that supplies quality music, whether that be a produced hip hop track or live instruments with Lowgy Lowg's crispy vocals.

When Native Leaves started performing shows, it did not take long for the best local hip hop radio station to notice & book an interview.  Followed up with big name festivals booking Native Leaves out of state. Fully invested, Native Leaves is taking the next steps to grow within the music industry. As a team they focus on preparation for the next opportunity & the next.